Jonathan Weber
Cinematographer // Director of Photography // from Hanover, Germany
Working as part of eyewerk GmbH
Shooting on Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro


As a cinematographer, I live out my passion for camera work every single day, striving for excellence in all the projects that I undertake. Whenever I set out on a new film project, music video, a new commercial, or another video project, the first thing that I do is listen, putting significant effort toward understanding what my client's vision is and exactly what I need to do to bring that vision to life. I make it my mission to exceed my own best work, pushing myself on multiple levels to set a high standard for my output.

Creating visual media, of course, requires teamwork; No film or video is ever the product of a single person, and because I can both operate as part of a team and lead my crew, I have been able to produce high-quality content consistently. My technical prowess is important, yes, but so is the strength of my communication.

The way that I see it, visual production is a balancing act that demands practical skills, creativity, and organi­za­tional abilities. As much as film making is work, it should be essentially stress-free, leaving everyone who is involved feeling confident. The key to stress-free shoots is professionalism, and bringing to the table more than eight years of experience, I embrace professionalism as one of my core values.

A lot of cinematography is intuition. It's an art, not a formula.

Reed Morano, American Director

I am 30 years old, currently based in Hanover and work as a freelance cinematographer/cameraman in all parts of Germany.

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