Jonathan Weber
Cinematographer // Video Creator
from Hanover, Germany
Shooting on Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro


As a cinematographer, I live out my passion for camera work every single day, striving for excellence in all the projects that I undertake. Whenever I set out on a new film project, music video, a new commercial, or another video project, the first thing that I do is listen, putting significant effort toward understanding what my client's vision is and exactly what I need to do to bring that vision to life. I make it my mission to exceed my own best work, pushing myself on multiple levels to set a high standard for my output.

Creating visual media, of course, requires teamwork; No film or video is ever the product of a single person, and because I can both operate as part of a team and lead my crew, I have been able to produce high-quality content consistently. My technical prowess is important, yes, but so is the strength of my communication.

The way that I see it, visual production is a balancing act that demands practical skills, creativity, and organi­za­tional abilities. As much as film making is work, it should be essentially stress-free, leaving everyone who is involved feeling confident. The key to stress-free shoots is professionalism, and bringing to the table more than eight years of experience, I embrace professionalism as one of my core values.

A lot of cinematography is intuition. It's an art, not a formula.

Reed Morano, American Director

I am 26 years old, currently based in Hanover and work as a freelance cinematographer/cameraman in all parts of Germany.

"Here & Now" music video

Director of Photography

Music video for artist Lukas Dolphin.

Coroncert Live-Concerts

Live Camera

Coroncert brings big-stage music concerts to people who are bound to stay home due to the Corona virus. More information: Coroncert website

Easter Service 2020

Director of Photography

Due to the Corona crisis, we produced the ev. Easter service 2020 for YouTube.
Published Easter 2020, a project for Gorilla Medien.

Work in progress...

Jaded Short


In Jaded, his debut as a director, Lennard C. Bott managed the difficult balancing act between an humorous revision of rampage clichés and tactfulness towards actual cases.
For festivals and company portfolio (~ 5 min)


Director of Photography

Cinema movie (drama, 1:43 h) premiered on 9th of August 2019
at ASTOR Grand Cinema Hanover. More information: Movie's website

Work in progress...

WYRD Short

1st AC

WYRD is a thrilling medieval/fantasy drama about myths and their influence on culture.
For festivals and company portfolio (~ 0:20 h) by eyewerk GmbH Hanover

Nightingale Sessions

Director of Photography

Nightingale Sessions is a acoustic music session format based in Hanover.

Intruder Movie

1st AC

A captivating sci-fi drama mixed with a healthy dose of comedy.
For cinema and TV (1:30h) by AVA, All Visions Align

Beer Festival Berlin 2018


A full week of event-coverage with interviews and moderation

STEPh Music Video

Director of Photography

A lively und optimistic music video for STEPh's song "Das Leben Feiern"

Kartenspiele Short

Director of Photography

A movie project that started as an university project and soon became an ambitious short movie production.

What would you like to see?


For outstanding and planned visuals for your project.

  • Working alongside the director or producer
  • Developing / Helping to develop unique aesthetic style
  • Plan the technical execution of camera and lighting
  • Creating shot-lists / storyboards / ...
  • Creative and technical execution of camerawork on set
  • Leading the camera- and light crew

Corporate Video

Draw attention to your company or product through high-class video clips.

  • Market analysis and concept development
  • Matching your business and CI concepts
  • Streamlined production from idea to finished product
  • Profit from my network of creative minds around Germany
  • Your company and product is unique? So is my work! Trust me to think outside the box


Providing high-class coverage of your event, with the extra bit of intuition and professionalism.

  • Being present on location (of your event, or for news gathering), capturing whatever suits your output format best
  • Professional and adequate appearance in all situations
  • Planning of images that are required to capture from your given goal
  • Working as one-man-crew or in teams of two or more people (for sound, for interviews, etc.)

1st AC

Someone you can trust on set to not only nail focus, but also to keep things running smoothly and to work with you in a respectful manner.

  • Focus pulling via wireless transmitter or on camera
  • Management and maintenance of technical equipment on set
  • Camera rigging and handeling of rigs, data-storage-devies, etc.
  • Experienced handling of expensive equipment like lenses or camera bodies


Experience in editing various styles of video, including music, documentary and features.

  • Footage classifaction and sorting
  • Editing for the intended dramaturgical effect
  • Professional data-handling and structurized work
  • Experience in VFX work and a broad lineup of software to use

Hourly Rate

Transparent and precise - suited especially for smaller tasks that require less than a few hours of work. Rounded down to 15-minute steps.

60 € / hour
(excluding 19% VAT)

Daily Rate

For projects requiring availability on a specific day: Day rate includes blockage of an available day of choice. Applies to on-location work.

470 € / day
(excluding 19% VAT)


Large projects might require a predictable and detailed analysis of costs. Feel free to get in touch with me and ask for a quote or custom rate.

Custom Pricing

All prices exclude required technical equipment. Please refer to this list for more information: List coming soon...
Hourly or daily rate may not be applicable depending on the field of work.

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