Who I am

I am a young and passionate cinematographer based in Germany with skills not only in capturing moving and still images, but also in editing, visual effects creation, media processing and development.

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You checked out my portfolio and are enthusiastic about working with me on your next big project? I am flattered, feel free to get in touch with me!
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Cinematography, Editing & VFX

Music Video: „Pale Faces“ (Timor Et Tremor)

Montage/Documentation: Tribute to Uganda

Music Video: „Lili Marlene“ (Katja von Kassel)

Webdesign, Design & Development

Web-App „FloSho“ (Demo: Liaison der Kunst)

This modern, comforting and unique image-slideshow, tailored to the needs of painter Jutta Schlier, runs on top of a versatile and scalable image, text and music processing system that does not only allow magical full-featured presentations, but also image-serving and presentation on other websites via a dedicated API (see it in action in the following project, her website). The admin-backend makes adding, editing and deleting images a breeze. And to be as well beautiful as it is functional, the system allows easy theming without having to touch the engines source-code. What is it called, you ask? I named it FloSho. Contact me for more information!

Website for Jutta Schlier

Jutta Schlier is an incredible artist and course instructor for religious exercises, meditation and painting. While she needs a website for the common reason of providing basic information about herself, she also wanted a strong foundation for presenting both her astonishing artwork and her course-information. For those reasons, besides the implementation of an event-management plugin, the previous listed project (FloSho) was extended to store and manage images and to provide them dynamically and safely to her website for complete ease of use. The website and design itself run on top of WordPress.


This one-page website was designed and developed to provide overview information on the topic of medical advance directives and to encourage people to take personal counseling with the competent doctors of entscheidbar.info.

The project is based on the world-famous framework WordPress for long-term stability, security and performance. To make the site as easy to use as possible and accessible to not tech-savvy people, it was designed as an interactive, app-like one-page. As of October 2016, the site is still under development.

Interface-Design for Mobile-Game „Wall“

This game has a most interesting concept and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to create the interface-design for it. For the time being it is still in development but it will be available for Android devices soon – so keep an eye out! Feel free to visit the website of creator Imad Al-Layla in the meantime to inquire further information.

Coasters for „Studentenfutter e.V.“

While Studentenfutter e.V. is no longer in active business, the cause it once had was an awesome one: Providing education to people all around the globe. The non-profit organisation partnered both with churches and groups in Germany and with several organisations in countries in Africa. During it’s active period of around seven years, Studentenfutter e.V. built one school in Uganda, funded university education for young and astriving individuals and gave primary-level students the possibility to attend school every day through financial support.

As good and difficult as this mission was, marketing and spreading the word has emerged to be the toughest problem of all. Those coasters were distributed to famous student-clubs and bars around Germany. The aim was to inform about our cause and gain new members and at the same time ask for direct support through SMS-donations.


Postal Address:
Stolzestraße 29,
30171 Hannover

Tel.: +49 (0)160 263 555 3

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